Being his primary instrument, Brian has a large collection of clarinets.  Most are playable and in use.  Others are basically collector’s items or awaiting restoration.

Brian’s main clarinets include:

Kalison Ab Sopranino Clarinet; Made in Italy, this little guy is brass and about 13.5 inches.

Bundy Eb Soprano Clarinet;  These are great little instruments that often get a bad rap just because of the name Bundy.  These are nothing like the Bundy student-model Bb clarinets.

Weril C Soprano Clarinet;  This is another nice obscure little instrument.  It is made from ABS plastic with silver-plated keys and an alternate Ab/Eb key.  Made in Brazil.

Buffet R-13 Bb Soprano Clarinet; The standard Bb.

Buffet R13

Silver King  Bb Soprano Clarinet; The Silver King is one of the few “professional” model metal clarinets.

Yamaha A Soprano Clarinet

Bundy Alto Clarinet; Again, the Bundy harmony clarinets are really quite good.

Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet; This is a “low C” bass.  In addition to many orchestral works, there are now quite a few musical theatre works with parts the utilize the extended range to low C.


Bundy Contra-Alto Clarinet; Another good Bundy harmony clarinet.

Bundy Contra-alto

Leblanc Contrabass Clarinet; This is the metal “paperclip” model with range to low D.

Leblanc contrabass