Brian’s many flutes include:

Weymann Db Piccolo

Guo “New Voice” C Piccolo;  Guo’s “New Voice” series of flutes is made from a composite material that is less susceptible to temperature changes which make it a great instrument for pit work.  It also has several great features like a split “E” key and a high G# mechanism. G. Rudolf Uebel C Piccolo;  This is a great instrument made in 1967 in East Germany.  G. Rudolf Uebel seems to have enjoyed thinking outside the box using non-traditional materials and designs for his instruments.  This piccolo’s body is made from a block of aluminum.

Artley Eb Soprano Flute; This little flute is used primarily in flute choirs.

A.H. Langlois Db Flute; This is a Boehm system flute made from ebonite (a type of hard rubber) around 1910 in England.

Jupiter DiMedici C Flute; Brian’s main flute.  This is model 1011 with engraved keys and lip plate.  Brian also uses an Executer headjoint by Guo.

Emerson Alto Flute

Hogenhuis Contrabass Flute; This flute was made by the Dutch low flute maker, Jelle Hogenhuis.  He makes the bodies of his low flutes out of PVC plastic.Anonymous 8-Key C Flute;  This wooden flute was made in Germany in the latter half of the 1800’s.