Brian began working on saxophone while in high school.  He prefers the feel and sound of vintage instruments from the 1920’s.

Brian’s saxes include:

Buescher C Soprano Saxophone; This little sax was made in 1925.

Quest II Bb Soprano Saxophone; Quest II was the name being used by the Woodwind/Brasswind company on their own line of instruments at the time this was purchased.  It has a black nickel finish and plays remarkably well.

Conn Alto Saxophone; This vintage Conn has a nickel-plated finish and was made in 1922.


Conn C-Melody Saxophone; The C-melody sax was made popular during the sax craze in the 1920’s.  It is now rather obsolete, but there is at least one company producing them again.  This particular sax has a satin silver finish and was made in 1921.

Carl Fisher Tenor Saxophone; This vintage tenor is a stencil horn which was actually manufactured by Conn around 1917.


Grassi Baritone Saxophone; Made in Italy.