Guo Flutes

Maker of C flutes, G treble flutes and piccolos using grenaditte

Educci Headjoints

Maker of modern quenas as well as quena-style headjoints for silver flutes

Vibrato Saxophone

A new saxophone made entirely of plastic

Instruments by Nadishana

Maker/player of modern versions of ethnic instruments including a PVC fujara and PVC kaval set

Hogenhuis Flutes

Maker of large flutes (alto through subcontrabass), some made from PVC

Mountain Ocarinas

Maker of ocarinas using various materials including plastic and aluminum

Eppelsheim Instruments

Maker of extreme saxophones and clarinets

Maker of shakuhachis and the shakulute (shakuhachi-style headjoint for silver flutes)

The Whistle Shop

One-stop shop for whistles and whistle music

Chiff & Fipple

Whistle information, guide and forum

Ridenour Clarinets

Maker of high-quality clarinets using hard rubber (ebonite) including a basset clarinet

Amon Olorin Flutes

Maker of high-quality Native American style flutes including the plastic PF-Series

Oregon Flute Store

Source for Native American flutes, music and supplies

Shakuhachi Yuu

Maker of an ABS plastic shakuhachi

Buffet Crampon

One of the most popular professional clarinet makers

Bret Pimentel, Woodwinds

An excellent resource guide for woodwind doublers